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Other features at Voxbox are weekly 'freevoice' free vocal development session, our selection of courses, performing opportunities, and recording.
Singing Lessons

Do you want real improvement in your vocal ability? Do you wonder if anything can be done to develop your voice?

  • Expand vocal range and power
  • No more 'breaks' or weak areas
  • Gain subtlety, variety and depth of tone
  • Eliminate vocal strain, improve vocal stamina and health.

Voxbox Camden Studios has been providing Private Singing Lessons in London since 2002. In that time we have gained an enviable reputation for our uncompromising approach to quality vocal tuition and taught somewhere around 100,000 hours of one to one singing lessons.

Studio Hire

We have 4 studios for teaching or general hire:

  • Studio 1: Teaching
  • Studio 2: Practise Room
  • Studio 3: Practice & Voiceover Room
  • Studio 4: Course and group room
No loud bands, sorry.
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Our senior teachers can coach and record vocals in our state of the art tracking studio

Superb monitoring and 96KHz tracking, great preamps and vocal area

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Teacher Training

Teaching singing requires much more than just being a good singer yourself. Developing voices requires a knowledge of the processes and tools with which we address this demanding task.

Leon and Lucy studied with the Maestro of contemporary technique, Seth Riggs, and since the demise of the SLS organisation have developed a comprehensive training course to pass on their updated version of the best of contemporary pedagogy.

The Voxbox course is based on in-house tuition sessions and practical teaching

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